Thursday, November 23, 2006


The journey through producing a webquest has been smoother than I expected, given that I am such an IT idiot. The second biggest issue (the first is of course the IT part of it) I had may seem trivial but it really bothered me a lot. That is, a lot of information in the webquest are factual information, meaning that the information can also be found in the web! When I did the webquest I felt as if I was simply transporting the facts that could already be found in websites into my webquest, and this is not plagarism either because facts are facts, for example, the Nile river is 4187 miles long and it is the longest river in the world etc. Just felt silly and disturbed whilst dealing with the informative part of the webquest.

What I liked about the webquest though was that it is personalized. The process taught me skills that I would never have learnt if not for the webquest. Now I know how to design the very basics of a webquest which I will probably use for my teaching in future and add in other useful elements that stem from my relationship with my class, for example, the class’s theme or their favourite geographical feature, and other intangibles like that.

At the end of it all, students who participate in the webquest should be able to gain many learning points from it. Other than extracting knowledge, they will learn to work together as a group, take responsibility for group learning in their assigned roles, manage time together, think creatively and produce creative work.

Many tutors in NIE portray the idea that a lesson is better if there are a variety of resources used. They seem to like IT more than the other resources, as it will spruce up the lesson plan especially during practicum. To me, it sounds as if using IT will give the teacher bonus marks during observation. While I agree that IT can be a very useful tool, it must first of all be relevant, at the right time and at the right place. I will definitely use IT in my lessons, because I think my students will appreciate it and enjoy the lesson better.


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